Gun Type Dual Wattage Soldering Iron 25-50watts/230volts

Temperatures:350°c or 450°c Ideal for service engineers as they can boost temperature instantly by pressing trigger for that occasional heavy soldering.(Trigger may be pressed maximum for 1 minute.) Avoids carrying two irons. Continuous rated (24 hours)

Low Voltage Soldering Irons (6v, 12v, 24v, 48v, 110v) 15 Wat

Maximum Temperature:250°c - Model No. Low Voltage 15 25 watts - Maximum Temperature:380°c - Model No. Low Voltage 25 30 watts - Maximum Temperature:380°c - Model No. Low Voltage 30 35 watts - Maximum Temperature:420°c - Model No. Low Voltage 35 50 watts - Maximum Temperature:460°c - Model No. Low Voltage 50 Uses in marine, defence and automotive. Can also be used in areas of regular power failure through batteries. Continuous rated (24 hours)

Soldering Accessories

This is our new and exclusive ergonomic design for a sturdy, safe and efficient soldering stand. Made of high quality cast iron for long life and efficiency. The mesh iron holder gives higher safety than spring holder to avoid any incidents. Comes with a sponge for cleaning your bit.

Soldren Bit-Tip Tinner And Cleaner

A revolutionary product available for the first time in India only from Soldron, this product is ideal to re-tin your de-tinned Soldron bits for a much longer life and efficient use. It is also an excellent cleaner for your Soldron bit-tip.

Soldren Metal Body Desoldering Pump

Economical and durable full metal body desoldering pump with heat resisitant replaceable silicone tip. This quality product has exceptional desoldering ability due to strong suction and durable build.

Soldren Soldering Flux and Flux Cleaner

Very high quality professional, non-corrosive and non-conductive flux. Ideal for all soldering applications. It causes no damage to PCB's even if a residue is left on after soldering.
Soldron flux cleaning liquid is ideal to clean residual flux from the PCB.

Soldren Soldering and Desoldering Kit

Complete solution for Soldering and Desoldering of double and single sided PCB's.

It includes:
1 Soldron Varitemp Soldering Iron
1 Soldron Full metal Desoldering Pump
2 Soldron Specialty Desoldering Bits (1.2mm and 1.6mm)
1 Soldron Flux
1 Soldron Flux Cleaner
1 Soldron Delux Stand
1 Soldron Sponge

This is a unique product designed by Soldron so that the solder is cleanly sucked out through the special desoldering bit. Works effectively even on PTH boards.
The Specialty Desoldering bits are only available with this kit.

Soldering Elements

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